10 Safety Tips For Travelling Alone

10 Safety Tips For Travelling Alone - Daily Life Facts

Travelling alone is an incredible experience that we all have to experience at some point. It’s scary the first few times, but eventually, it becomes one of life’s greatest joys. Nevertheless, travelling alone carries certain risks, despite where you go. Needless to say, before travelling alone, you must do your analysis well about your destination, from how people dress to the type of risks they have (which can be everything from bad weather and heavy traffic to insecurity, scams and diseases).

Here are 10 safety tips for travelling alone;

1. You should arrive at your destination during the day.

If you are travelling alone, you should arrive your destination during the day. If you must come late at night, attempt to engage a transportation service before you arrive, preferably from the hotel itself. Invest in your own security! If you must stroll alone at night with your baggage, try not to do so. Similarly, if you are not travelling to a secure location, avoid utilising night buses and trains.

travelling alone in day

2. Don’t put all of your cash and credit cards in the same area.

One suggestion, when your are travelling alone is to avoid keeping all of your cash and credit cards in the same area. You may leave some in the hotel (if it’s secure), some in your purse, and the rest in your shoe. Find the method that works best for you. Although the concealed purses (passport holders) are secure, do not store anything in them. It is no secret that visitors use them, and removing money from under your garments is all too obvious. One idea is to keep cash in an empty tampon or feminine pad wrap. Nobody goes gazing in that direction.

3. Keep your friends and family informed.

when you are Travelling alone, Share your itinerary with your family and friends back home. People need to know where you were last when anything bad occurs to you. Call home frequently using Skype. Someone should know the train information if you’re taking a train journey! Give a friend or family member a copy of your itinerary and travel details before you leave. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have a completely fleshed-out itinerary. A basic concept of your motions is preferable to none.

keep family friends informed

4. Make a digital copy of all of your documents.

Make a digital copy of your passport, cards, and other documents before travelling alone and email or upload them to the cloud. So, whatever happens, you’ll be prepared. I always carry a photocopy of my passport’s ID page with me. A scanned copy of these and my travel insurance documentation is also maintained in an email or on DropBox.

5. Take photos of taxi license plates

When it comes to safety, don’t be afraid to take action. Allow the cab driver to notice that you are photographing the taxi’s licence plate. He will be aware that you are astute and that his details could have simply been forwarded to a local who would know exactly how to locate the driver if something were to go wrong. Don’t feel terrible about giving the impression that you don’t trust him/her. It’s a typical blunder when travelling. Many of the victims admitted after the incident that they suspected something was wrong but didn’t want to make the perpetrator feel guilty. Prioritize your own safety before the sentiments of others. 

6. Try to learn a little of the local language before you travel.

When you are Travelling alone you must learn a local language before you travel. The ability to converse with locals not only enriches your travel experience, but it may also help you remain safe. This is especially crucial if you are not visiting a popular tourist destination. The DuoLingo app is my go-to resource for a fast crash lesson.

7. Be street smart

Doesn’t that sound broad? The most important step in being street smart is to avoid becoming engaged in anything that does not relevant to you. Don’t help the guy who claims he’s in a pickle and needs money, don’t help the person who needs you to carry his suitcase, and don’t cradle a baby shoved at you by a lady. It’s a fraud if it appears strange.

8. Pick your accommodation carefully.

As a solitary female tourist, I cannot emphasise how important this step is. Again, you must do the legwork with research. It’s all about location, location, location for me. The hotel should be located in a nice part of town, preferably near public transportation and eateries. Check out TripAdvisor and Booking.com for reviews from other travellers. You may filter place evaluations for single travellers, and there is a distinct location score. Prices that appear to be too good to be true should be avoided. I’ve discovered that if a hotel is inexpensive, there’s typically a solid reason for it.

9. Try to blend in

I try to fit in as much as possible everywhere I go. Although my pale skin means that I will never be able to pass for a native in many parts of the world, there are other steps I may take. Dress appropriately to respect the local culture. Shorts and vest tops, for example, are never appropriate in many Islamic nations for either gender and, for women, will draw unwelcome attention. Try not to walk down the street looking at maps. Instead, stroll about freely or use your map or phone to direct you discreetly.


Travelling alone, in my opinion, is just as safe as travelling with a buddy. Follow the safety tips and apply your common sense, and you should be OK.

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