5 Lessons You Get to Learn from Solo Travelling

5 Best lessons you get to learn from Solo Travelling

The argument for Solo Travelling has become a popular topic. I wanted to travel, but I wanted to see so much and didn’t want to put a short time stamp on it. So, instead of waiting around for someone to be able to join me for this several-month long trip I wanted to do (which would have likely been never), I went for Solo Travelling.

Here are 5 lessons you get to learn from Solo Travelling;

1. Learn to Trust Your Instincts

If you are Solo Travelling then you must trust your Instincts, they never lie. It’s natural to second-guess yourself, seek advice from friends or family, and analyse your alternatives, but when you’re in a different place, away from your typical sounding boards, you must learn to trust your own instincts. There’s a reason they say trust your instinct, and as corny as it may seem, I’ve discovered that when I travel, especially alone, that ‘gut feeling’ is crucial.

It’s kept me safe and helped me avoid potentially harmful situations, yet it’s also allowed me to take tremendous chances and meet incredible people as a result. That conviction and confidence in my own decision making has helped me in all other areas of my life. Your voice has to be enough, so learn to trust it.

2. You learn how to be independent

There is no greater confidence booster than being lost halfway across the world in a nation that doesn’t speak your language late at night on the wrong side of town and carefully thinking through every next step in order to find where you belong. Not that I know from personal experience… It’s natural to believe that when you travel with others, your partner has the instructions, the strategy, and the know-how. When it’s just you, you rapidly learn to rely on yourself first and then go to others for help.

To be clear, I am not advocating that you rely only on yourself. No, there are times when assistance is required, and having the humility to ask for it is critical. But the important is to understand the distinction. When the only people around you are strangers or hazy acquaintances, you’re more likely to attempt to figure things out on your own — and that’s a good thing. Learn to seek yourself for the answer first, because you most likely already have it. That awareness fosters a sense of empowerment that will pervade all aspects of your life.

When you travel alone, you have newfound independence. You just have yourself to rely on. You determine where to go, where to sleep, and what new activities to try out while travelling. Because you are your own employer, no one can influence you. You command your time, money, and other resources. You may either spend them wisely or squander them. Finally, you are solely accountable for the outcomes of your decisions.

There is no one to pass judgement on your choices. It is your life, and you are fully responsible for your actions. The decisions you make during the experience have no effect on anyone else. The freedom you gain will boost your confidence and decision-making abilities.

3. You would come to self-realization of your value

You will experience an absence within yourself and a desire for your loved ones at some time throughout your alone vacation. Being on the other coast initially made me feel very far away from my friends and family, and there were times when I wanted they were with me, both because I was in an unfamiliar place and vulnerable to the unknown, and because I missed sharing moments with people. It’s easy to take people for granted at home since you can’t fathom your life without them, but being away makes you realise how much they truly mean to you.

4. You learn how to love yourself

Solo Travelling is an emotional experience. It is an opportunity for self-discovery in solitude. Yes, it might be lonely, but Solo Travelling allows you to analyse your personality and better understand yourself. You will come to value your ideas and company more. One of the most crucial lessons you’ll ever learn is to be happy, comfortable, and pleased with yourself. Furthermore, just because you’re travelling alone does not indicate you’ll be lonely. The globe is not an island, and you will undoubtedly meet and get to know new individuals along the journey who will expose you to new realms.

Solo Travel- Learn to love yourself

5. You learn from your own mistakes

When you Solo travelling, I imagine you make more blunders than normal. You can forget to reserve a museum ticket or miss a key announcement at the airport. You learn from your mistakes, and these errors are stored in your subconscious mind. I’m not suggesting you should make a mistake, but I believe you’ll gain some valuable things from your trip missteps. When you go again for Solo Travelling, you unconsciously remember your previous errors and attempt not to repeat them. It will help you have a better travel experience in the future.


Only those who have gone alone may appreciate the true beauty of it. The success or failure of your journey is determined by how you choose to view it: once completed, Solo travelling allows you to develop and discover who you truly are.

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